wp cli update

Update WP-CLI to the latest release.

$ wp cli update [--patch] [--minor] [--major] [--stable] [--nightly] [--yes]

Default behavior is to check the releases API for the newest stable version, and prompt if one is available.

Use --stable to install or reinstall the latest stable version.

Use --nightly to install the latest built version of the master branch. While not recommended for production, nightly contains the latest and greatest, and should be stable enough for development and staging environments.

Only works for the Phar installation mechanism.


Only perform patch updates.
Only perform minor updates.
Only perform major updates.
Update to the latest stable release. Skips update check.
Update to the latest built version of the master branch. Potentially unstable.
Do not prompt for confirmation.


# Update CLI.
$ wp cli update
You have version 0.24.0. Would you like to update to 0.24.1? [y/n] y
Downloading from https://github.com/wp-cli/wp-cli/releases/download/v0.24.1/wp-cli-0.24.1.phar...
New version works. Proceeding to replace.
Success: Updated WP-CLI to 0.24.1.


--path=<path> Path to the WordPress files.

--url=<url> Pretend request came from given URL. In multisite, this argument is how the target site is specified.

--ssh=[<scheme>:][<user>@]<host|container>[:<port>][<path>] Perform operation against a remote server over SSH (or a container using scheme of "docker", "docker-compose", "vagrant").

--http=<http> Perform operation against a remote WordPress installation over HTTP.

--user=<id|login|email> Set the WordPress user.

--skip-plugins[=<plugins>] Skip loading all plugins, or a comma-separated list of plugins. Note: mu-plugins are still loaded.

--skip-themes[=<themes>] Skip loading all themes, or a comma-separated list of themes.

--skip-packages Skip loading all installed packages.

--require=<path> Load PHP file before running the command (may be used more than once).

--[no-]color Whether to colorize the output.

--debug[=<group>] Show all PHP errors and add verbosity to WP-CLI output. Built-in groups include: bootstrap, commandfactory, and help.

--prompt[=<assoc>] Prompt the user to enter values for all command arguments, or a subset specified as comma-separated values.

--quiet Suppress informational messages.

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