wp i18n make-json

Extract JavaScript strings from PO files and add them to individual JSON files.

$ wp i18n make-json <source> [<destination>] [--purge] [--pretty-print]

For JavaScript internationalization purposes, WordPress requires translations to be split up into one Jed-formatted JSON file per JavaScript source file.

See https://make.wordpress.org/core/2018/11/09/new-javascript-i18n-support-in-wordpress/ to learn more about WordPress JavaScript internationalization.


Path to an existing PO file or a directory containing multiple PO files.
Path to the destination directory for the resulting JSON files. Defaults to the source directory.
Whether to purge the strings that were extracted from the original source file. Defaults to true, use --no-purge to skip the removal.
Pretty-print resulting JSON files.


# Create JSON files for all PO files in the languages directory
$ wp i18n make-json languages

# Create JSON files for my-plugin-de_DE.po and leave the PO file untouched.
$ wp i18n make-json my-plugin-de_DE.po /tmp --no-purge


--path=<path> Path to the WordPress files.

--url=<url> Pretend request came from given URL. In multisite, this argument is how the target site is specified.

--ssh=[<scheme>:][<user>@]<host|container>[:<port>][<path>] Perform operation against a remote server over SSH (or a container using scheme of "docker", "docker-compose", "vagrant").

--http=<http> Perform operation against a remote WordPress installation over HTTP.

--user=<id|login|email> Set the WordPress user.

--skip-plugins[=<plugins>] Skip loading all plugins, or a comma-separated list of plugins. Note: mu-plugins are still loaded.

--skip-themes[=<themes>] Skip loading all themes, or a comma-separated list of themes.

--skip-packages Skip loading all installed packages.

--require=<path> Load PHP file before running the command (may be used more than once).

--[no-]color Whether to colorize the output.

--debug[=<group>] Show all PHP errors and add verbosity to WP-CLI output. Built-in groups include: bootstrap, commandfactory, and help.

--prompt[=<assoc>] Prompt the user to enter values for all command arguments, or a subset specified as comma-separated values.

--quiet Suppress informational messages.

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