wp plugin status

Reveals the status of one or all plugins.

$ wp plugin status [<plugin>]


A particular plugin to show the status for.


# Displays status of all plugins
$ wp plugin status
5 installed plugins:
  I akismet                3.1.11
  I easy-digital-downloads 2.5.16
  A theme-check            20160523.1
  I wen-logo-slider        2.0.3
  M ns-pack                1.0.0
Legend: I = Inactive, A = Active, M = Must Use

# Displays status of a plugin
$ wp plugin status theme-check
Plugin theme-check details:
    Name: Theme Check
    Status: Active
    Version: 20160523.1
    Author: Otto42, pross
    Description: A simple and easy way to test your theme for all the latest WordPress standards and practices. A great theme development tool!


--path=<path> Path to the WordPress files.

--url=<url> Pretend request came from given URL. In multisite, this argument is how the target site is specified.

--ssh=[<scheme>:][<user>@]<host|container>[:<port>][<path>] Perform operation against a remote server over SSH (or a container using scheme of "docker", "docker-compose", "vagrant").

--http=<http> Perform operation against a remote WordPress installation over HTTP.

--user=<id|login|email> Set the WordPress user.

--skip-plugins[=<plugins>] Skip loading all plugins, or a comma-separated list of plugins. Note: mu-plugins are still loaded.

--skip-themes[=<themes>] Skip loading all themes, or a comma-separated list of themes.

--skip-packages Skip loading all installed packages.

--require=<path> Load PHP file before running the command (may be used more than once).

--[no-]color Whether to colorize the output.

--debug[=<group>] Show all PHP errors and add verbosity to WP-CLI output. Built-in groups include: bootstrap, commandfactory, and help.

--prompt[=<assoc>] Prompt the user to enter values for all command arguments, or a subset specified as comma-separated values.

--quiet Suppress informational messages.

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